Fenghuang (Phoenix Ancient Town), Hunan

Fenghuang (Phoenix Ancient Town) was built in 1704, and has 300 years of history.

The old town district of Fenghuang nestles on the banks of the winding Tuojiang river in a picturesque, mountainous part of Hunan province and is an exceptionally well-preserved ancient town that harbours unique ethnic languages, customs, arts as well as many distinctive architectural remains of Ming and Qing styles. The ancient city is a gathering place for Miao and Tujia ethnic minority.

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Furong, Hunan Province

Furong is an ancient town situated somewhere between Zhangjiajie and Fenghuang (Phoenix Ancient Town).

The ancient town sort of wrap itself around the Youshui River that runs through it with buildings on both sides of the river. The most interesting part of the ancient town is at the spot of the river where the two tier waterfalls begins. This is where you will find shops, small hotels and restaurants, with quite steep and narrow streets.

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Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province

The city itself was previously named Dayong (大庸), and has a recorded history dating back to 221 BC. In 1992, the national forest park in the Wulingyuan Scenic Area was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the new name of Zhangjiajie City was adopted in 1994. The national forest park had been given the name of Zhangjiajie after the name of a small village located within its bounds, and is now a popular tourist attraction within the park.

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Changsa, Hunan Province

Changsa, is the capital of Hunan Province. I was here 15 years ago, but it has now become a sprawling city of about 8 million and is unrecognisable to me. But, there are still pockets of the old city hidden in the side lanes where time seems to have stood still.

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Zhouzhuang, China

September 2015, we flew from Shantou (Guandong Province) to Shanghai, about 3 hours flight. My wife, her sister and I, were accompanying my in laws to visit their old friends and business associates (whom they have not seen for quite a few years) in Zhangjiagang and Hai’an, which are tier 2 or 3 cities in Jiangsu province, China.

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Shantou, China

Shantou is in the province of Guangdong, China. In Sept 2015, I found myself on JetStar with my wife, her sister and parents flying from Singapore to Shantou.

As my wife is a teochew, this was a trip back to her ancestral home. As expected, the whole plane was filled with teochew from Malaysia and Singapore.

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