Siem Reap Part 2

For most of my temple visits, please visit my blog post under “Siem Reap Part 1”.

Tonle Sap – is the largest lake in South East Asia. The difference in the size of the lake between the dry and the wet seasons can be as much as 10 to 15 times. We were there in July so the water level of the river and the lake is quite high. It is not advisable to visit the lake during the dry season as the water level in the river can get too low for boats to access the lake or the floating villages.

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Siem Reap Part 1

Almost everyone know that Siem Reap is famous for Angkor Wat. There isn’t much to write about Siem Reap except to fore-warn that you will probably be visiting one temple after another throughout your whole trip.

It can get a bit tiring and frustrating, especially that at most temples you will be faced with hundreds of tourist from all parts of the world rushing through and taking photos with their cell phones and whatnots. I find that if you are prepared to take your time and slow down just to savour the sights, you will find windows of opportunity when the serenity of the place will return after the hordes of tourist have rushed through.

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